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EJ is an author of many books, but the first book she ever released was called Angel On Board. Everything that Ms. Thornton has done since as an entrepreneur has been because of this book. She is the author of over 20 books and is married to an amazing inventor and loves to create products that compliment the books she writes and publishes.

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Ms. Thornton's interests are quite diverse and extraordinary. From electronic products, to books, to photographic products and publishing/marketing services, EJ through her company Books To Believe In, LucidLights, LLC and SubliThings love to help other entrepreneurs make it in the marketplace!

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Coffee Cup - Shhhhhhh Act Like You Don't Notice

Coffee Cup - Shhhhhhh Act Like You Don't Notice

humorous coffee cup


Act like you don't notice

Laugh to yourself as your friends walk past quickly, read you cup and do a double take about what your coffee cup says.

Endless hours of fun, as people try to figure out what you're NOT talking about!!!

Humorous coffee cup

Shhhhhhh - Coffee Therapy in Progress

Shhhhhhh - Coffee Therapy in Progress

humorous coffee cup

Shhhhhhh... Coffee Therapy in Progress

Who doesn't want to just silence the masses while you were drinking the first cup of the day? Coffee Therapy - a real thing!

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