Query to set up a Fund Raiser with Treasured Promotions

Treasured Promotions has an amazing system to help people raise money for causes. If it is a charity (501-c-3) or just a good cause because someone is in need, we want to offer up the products on our website to help out. The artisans, authors and creatives that list their products here have big hearts and want to help out where they can. Please let us create a win/win situation for us and you!

Please write to us and we can help you select the products that will work the best for you, or if you found something that you already know compliments your cause, let's put it together. Just tell us in the message area below your thoughts and we can do the rest.

We prefer you have a valid PayPal account to be set up to make it easy to get you your funds as quickly as possible!

See a sample of some fund raisers that we have already set up at: Ann's Amazing Artifacts or Sparkle's Sparkles.

Fund Raiser Set Up Request from Treasured Promotions

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