Starseed Cup -  #UFO

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Starseed Cup

11oz coffee cup depicting images given to Stan Romanek in a dream

John Clark Craig

Starseed, "It's time."

The drawing on this cup is from a man who has had several well-documented UFO encounters.

Look closely, can you see the meaning in the images?

  • The Drake equation - slightly modified
  • The Orion Constellation with one star circled...
  • References to our solar system
  • References to bending time and space

Starseed Cup

  • Really cool - very deeply meaningful - especially considering where it came from.
  • Now I know the star's name Mintaka - in the Orion constellation. Love that!
  • Pretty interesting stuff. The Drake equation x 100 - says that there is more life out there than the experts originally estimated, now that is just what science is proving!

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